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A nice cheery tune.

I really like the guitar, and the minor use of vocals, it is a little repetitive though.
That said for a short piece it's not bad at all, I'm not sure if anyone would listen to it over and over again though, although there's probably an audience out there for this kind of composition.

Additionally the sound was crystal clear which is always a good thing.

That's my one generous act for the day!
- Celx

ChandlerThompson responds:

I appreciate your generous act, haha. I can't believe someone actually saw my shout out. Thank you for the down to earth review, brah!


It's rare music captivates me enough to write a review, but this was an utterly fantastic "gritty pulp" track!

I love the moody opening and how it slowly builds towards an epic finale, you made a wonderful use of the eclectic"instruments", and everything is paced out perfectly.

This is the perfect piece of music to compliment the last act of my film, thank you so much for uploading it, and I hope once the film is released you'll like what you see :)

- Celx

This is pure unadulterated noir.

I love the brooding feeling this track invokes, the main beat is great, but then at other times the track goes silent and only hints of the piano keys are present; then somehow you manage to bring back the main gritty vibe in an organic manner.

It's really fantastic stuff, it's so good in fact, I'm cutting the trailer for "A Twisted Transparency" to it, so I guess I'm writing this just to say thanks for creating such a awesome track!

- Celx

DreamEater responds:

woah thank you!!! I really loved the submission, and I'm way stoked that you got daily 5th as well! :D

Way cool <3

A lyrical pensive melody.

Oh man I love this!

All the different eclectic sounds work together in tandem without conflicting with one another, it never gets too chaotic and the tempo manages to sit on a razor's edge perfectly.

It's long, which is something I usually feel hurts your submissions, this time however because of the different variety in the way the song progresses I think the length is appropriate.

The submission certainly does evoke a feeling of "Tokyo Pop", great work man keep it up!

- Celx

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the review! I'm glad you liked the combination of sounds. I strategically picked em out

Shit son...

Shoulda messaged me with your new stuff.

Anyway, I like this it's very trance, it's nice to see you playing around with dynamic sounds too.

The only down side is after a while it feels like it like it's repeating itself, and it runs a little long. I love the distortions at the end though :)

It's nice to see you're still making music and submitting to the portal.

- Celx

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks for the review! Lol, my bad for not messaging, I will message you about my new submissions from now on. And I will always be submitting to the portal---it's like my online portfolio =P
Thanks again!

It's nice to know...

That aside from your acidic tongue, you have enough range to spit solid lyrics that offer empathy.

Rappers are always trying to act tough 24/7, so it's nice to see someone who's willing and secure enough to do something different.

In fact to my surprise most of your songs aren't all that salacious, your music caught me off guard considering the cruel punches you threw during the N.G. hip hop competitions.

I respect you, few people have the balls to move to New York, and fewer still can manage to make something of themselves there. I moved there for a few months for a job, and god damn is it expensive!

Have you ever crossed the border, and entered rap battles at the "bovine sex club"? If not you should, I think you would do well.

Anyway I like the lyrics and flow of this song, I just wish it was a little longer :)

- Celx

Holy fucking shit...

Both of you guys were throwing major punches, but fuck Madflex managed to turn every insult Glitch threw back on itself.

But the reason why I wanted to write a review for this is because Madflex's final verse was perhaps the single most epic moment of all of these battles. He fucking ripped apart all the other M.C.S while tearing glitch a new one, in tandem with the musical track he ended perfectly.

That said both of you were excellent, and I hope you compete again next year.

I can't wait to see Madflex face off against Gasmasq.
- Celx

Not bad...

It's very quite, which is an interesting take on "Lux Aternea", that said downplaying the musical notes seems to defeat the intention of the original song.

Which was meant to build up to an "explosive" finale, in order to convey the concept of a drug high, and insatiable addiction.

While the music you created works well enough, it doesn't add or offer anything new, it feels like a lesser version of the original to be frank.

If you had done a cover of the song using a different instrument, I would have given you extra points for trying something different...

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

It appeared to have been an intoxicating event...


I really like the story.
However I feel the delivery could have been a bit better, in some parts I felt you mucked but your words a bit, nothing major though.

Perhaps some minor background music could have elevated the piece.
Overall it was a well delivered story, with clear audio, well done!

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

Coop responds:

Perhaps it would be something to have a crack at, but with one of the few pieces that I've made since acquiring the new mic, I'm just glad to get into the swing of making vocals.


I think you hit the nail on the head this time!

It's just the right length, and the slower pace works better than the prior slightly more faced paced track.

Funny you should mention the video game genre, this certainly reminded me of the sega genesis game "sonic the hedgehog". Again everything meshed together very well, and it's a very calming track.

Well done!
- Celx
~Review Request Club~

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Hahaha! This reminded me of Sonic the Hedgehog too! Damn, brings back memories...
Yea, I think this song is my magnum opus. I don't think I'll ever make something better. Well, I am currently working on a song that I think is better than this one, but when the finished product comes out, we'll see.
Thanks for the review!

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