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Mr. Rice on acid again?

Congratulations on the front page Linda, you've made me proud, though I still think that blue baby print you did is your best piece :)

Simple but unique, I'm really happy your getting some recognition!
With love,
- Celx

linda-mota responds:

I'm really surprised this made frontpage! This was a quick test inkwash based on some stuff. This is a nice surprise.


Art is such a good way to get over pussy, I know from a recent experience,
also pussy is a good way to get over pussy, but that's another story.

I love this though, it has a very "cartoony", and "americana" feel to it, great use of colours, and wonderfully twisted renditions of a "broken heart", if you take nothing else at least I admire your artwork.

The only thing that could have made this better was some kind of a background (or I guess a more relevant detailed one).

Anyway thanks for making this, it made me smile :)
- Celx

It would be awesome, if it didn't have a huge fucking deviantart watermark over it...
Great pencil work, could use a background, I was gonna write more but that watermark is too infuriating...

Oh Serene,

You're work is erotic while being classy, even though I'm not a fan of pepperoni nipples, I still think this kaleidoscope inspired piece is pure boss.

I love the line work on the hair, and it's nice to see some Bermuda triangles, I thought porn had destroyed the concept of pubic hair, so your work is a nostalgic, and quixotic reminder of things long since past.

Your poses, continue to become more "organic", and "natural" and that's a good thing. I think once an artist has mastered facial features, they tend to forget about the other parts of the body that evoke emotion, like the hands, and feet.

The way you present a persons hands is wonderful, and I feel adds a lot to your work on a subliminal level.

My favourite artist for this reason is Masami Teraoka, if you look at his piece "Sarah and the octopus (Aids series)", or "Today's Special (31 flavours invading Japan)" they display pure ecstasy because he's mastered the little human mannerisms that other artists neglect.

You're a fantastic artist, and I hope you continue to grow and progress as an artist, I look forward to how your work will evolve, if your current body of work can be used a prognostication of things to come I'm sure I wont be disappointed.

- Celx

serenekitchen responds:

Thanks so much celx for that amazing review about how i can make the bush look appealing. Perhaps its my bisexuality coming out in my drawings as i do love to look at the lovely ladies with their upturn skirts in the summer wind or just an overall desire to be enjoy the many beautiful breasts and beavers the world has to offer, with my face buried in it, who knows? love the artist recommendation and the support that you have given. it really does mean a lot :)


I really like the use of black in this...

- Celx

If you put that on a shirt, I would buy it for a girlfriend...

- Celx

serenekitchen responds:

thanks celx! actually it got approved on threadless today and so the voting begins

Ho Ho Ha Ha He He OHHHH!!!

Is this the cat-man?
Nice detailing, the curly hair, and toenails are really fugly details, I wish I could purge from my memory.

Seriously though you have a distinctive style, and I'm always excited to see how you continue to progress, just stay away from "fat cats".

- Celx

linda-mota responds:

Really this was no one until my sister looked at it and scooted about fifteen feet away and said it looked like my ex. I have a hard time looking at it now is nasty and reminds me of some nasty stuff he did.

As long as everyone is grossed out about it I'm okay.

I find this erotic...

Good use of shading, excellent proportions, an interesting pose, and a wonderful style make this a great piece of erotica.

I love the level of care that went into the production of the picture, a particularly nice job on her unique eyes, and the red hue that gives her that cute "blush"; on a subliminal level the slightly elongated finger/toenails give your character a more feline appearance.

The simple background is pleasant, without being overtly abrasive, and drawing attention away from the main subject of the picture.

Well done!
- Celx

Are you hungry?

This really turned out well, reminds me of the work of Francis Bacon, especially his so called "joker" piece...

If you ever get the chance you should check out the film Jacob's Ladder, the creatures in that film were directly inspired by Bacon's work, specifically his "meat" series of oil paintings.

Anyway a deduction of points because it could be slightly more refined, and the effect was achieved using the magic of photoshop.

Fuck I'm hungry now...
- Celx

linda-mota responds:

You're making me hungry and I have no food, quit it.
It was actually a VERY hard choice to use a photoshop effect or just keep the regular version since they both turned out to be neat doodles. I mostly used this for an illustrations for the poem on another site but hell.

I'm going to be studying some of Bacon's work more later this year so I'll definitely stumble on that piece. Thanks for the drawing tip. Now hopefully I have a few bucks for lunch....

My vices are also my virtues...

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