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Bad Taste Spenny Videogame Project NG EXCLUSIVE + Final Film

Posted by Celx-Requin - November 17th, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I was gone for a few months visiting a special someone in Texas, and what a wonderful trip it was, I visited the funeral museum, bought ten packs of my favourite $40.00 cigarettes, went to the Alamo drafthouse, and lastly bought a cool stetson.

Anyway I'm back now, and even though I wanted to announce this during October, I am working on a video game with Sherbalex, and Canadian comic icon Spencer Nolan Rice from the hit show "Kenny vs Spenny" is also involved in a big way.

The game is called "Bad Taste", and we're gunning for an M rating, and a release on steam for PC/Mac, the game will play kind of like a hybrid between "Mark of the Ninja" and "Hotline Miami".

Sherbalex is doing the art on the project, and is currently living with me while we work on this project, he's a super cool guy, and we're making a lot of cool shit (actually he's making a lot of cool shit I'm just standing over his shoulder being a creep).

We also have a cool band that hopefully will end up in the game, they started on newgrounds, so I think it would be really cool if we get them to come onboard, and keep this project within the community as much as we can...

In roughly 9 months I hope to talk to Tom Fulp to see if we can upload an exclusive demo of the game here, that's my hope, it's a project made for the newgrounds crowd, so it would be cool to work something out with him.

And I am aware that people on newgrounds can be all like hey "I'm working on a project with so and so" and it turns out being bullshit, but not in this case, it's a done deal, the contracts have been signed and Spencer has approved my script.

Other people are coming on board which is pretty cool, in a few days the game website will launch, so if you want a sneak peak of what were working on bookmark http://www.celx-requin.com.

Sherbalex will be making a front page post in a day or two when the site is ready, so keep your eye's peeled.

On a dour note, all this cool stuff means I probably won't be updating my newgrounds much while working on this project, but I'll never leave newgrounds either.

Also my trilogy of comics are finally complete if you guys wanna check those out:

1). Cooljaw
2). The Sugar Claws
3). A Twisted Transparency

Wish us luck!
Love you guys,
- Celx Requin

P.S. in Texas you can smoke in bars!

Bad Taste Spenny Videogame Project NG EXCLUSIVE + Final Film



You got me at "couch guy is working on this game".

Ha, he actually was living on my couch for a bit, he's moved to an air mattress now though.
Apparently my couch is more comfortable, but uh he doesn't wanna ruin it.

He's having fun though, on Halloween we went out, and ended up in a Limo with a dude dressed as Batman, no joke, we need to get those fucking pictures though.

Man that was a boss night!

Gotta agree with Gimmick.

Sherb certainly gets around... Last I heard, he was bunking with Emily in Philly, ever since Pico Day (lucky bugger). You came back at a very difficult time in my life, so I hope you'll bear with me. Very glad you're back, and have a new perspective on life.. or at least, a new starting point; life is a wilderness without friends.

Hmm, this Spenny fellow looks interesting. I'll have to look him up on the YouTube sometime :)

Okay, winter's come and gone... what's going on? Do I have to spam you with Marvin Gaye?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev2yO-OHc58 Don't make me do that again :(