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Two left feet?

Yeah I was looking at that too, it's a panel from the comic, in the cartoon it's not like that, ha ha!
Oh Sam Keith, you and your crazy drawings...

As to why I got into animation.
As gay as it may sound, I like making people happy. I enjoy seeing the smile on someone's face and it was because of my actions that it happened. I enjoy evoking an emotional response out of someone. So over time I learnt about how to do that on a much larger scale.
Two of the greatest and most influential examples for me are the end of Gurren Lagann and the end of Toy Story 3. Love both of them.
Both of which are why storytelling are key to me. Until something is unique enough for me, it won't be released.

Those are good reasons, good on you!

Couldn't afford the comic when it came out, but saw it premiered in a comic book and on Liquid Television. Last series I seriously watched on MTV, in fact. watchcartoononline.com has it :) I loved the use of color, perspective, plot device, humanity...
Hey! Then there's your work! All at my fingertips, waiting for immersion and just as deep as any Stephen King novel I've read. I think the Maxx set me off as well; that was about the time I wrote and produced my first screenplay.
It was really nice to read such a clear perspective on the subject of animation, and of the joy of weaving the tale. You saying that here, is an asset to all of us.

Your comments warm my icy heart...

Why I got in to animated? It's all thanks to NG, though I can't say I've spent that much time in the animation department. It's thanks to NG I started making games, music and websites as well, it all started here. Good reading btw!


Animation? I haven't made anything right now, but I'm trying to make something at least acceptable with certain 3D programs. I got into animation simply because I like telling stories. Be it something funny, unimportant, or deep and philosophic, I simply like creating it.

Also, thanks for making me discover this series. I'l be sure to check it out.

It's a pretty good series, not as good as "spawn", or "cowboy bebop", but still fucking boss regardless!

My reasons for getting into animation were the golden age of cartoons (1928-1953), MTV's animation, video games, the first three seasons of South Park, Ralph Bakshi, Ren and Stimpy, and early newgrounds pioneers such as Ben Spurgin, Mindchamber, Edmund McMillen, Ben Apgar, Doug Sauncy, McFretN, Genryu's Blade, Em Kaah, Ninjai, Clark Lybeck, Randy Solem, Brian Beaton, and so many that I can't really mention them all.

Those are all good reasons to have an interest in the animation field...

I grew up with reruns of MIckey Mouse, Tom and Jerry and Felix the Cat (Austerity's new icon). I saw the advent of the Smurfs, the Jetsons... The persistence of vision thing was interesting, and I futzed with it in school. The 1980's were about cable TV and MTV, and the odd dubbed anime masterpiece... then in the mid-90's I started my first video/movie, then made some nice cash being a videographer.
Right before my equipment died, I found Newgrounds, after local radio shock jock Howard Stern mentioned it. I would've loved contacting animators, and debuting their work on my Public Access TV show, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.
\/ Randy Solem was also a great writer and critic of video games, but his words (on his old website, which I used to visit after being on NG, around the turn of the century) are locked behind an old subscription banner :|