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I read your rant in its entirety, if that makes you feel any better.

It does...

It seems you have a full blown fuckface on your hands.

Wish I could help, but haven't dealt with these kind of people yet in my life, so wouldn't know what to do.

And here I was thinking Canada was nice to the max. Goddamn stereotypes.

It's lame when you help someone out, and they don't appreciate it...
But Canada is still awesome :)

Read you rant's and sorry for the tooth ache and to the douche bag that was your friend both my finger's are up

Well having people agree with you is always a good feeling :)

People like that are unchangeable. No matter what happens they´ll never do anything until the consequences set in and even then the´ll just deal with the consequences rather than help the situation. also tooth ache is a sonofobitch I agree :/

That's what people have been telling me, which is why I'm not gonna talk to the guy anymore...

kick the fucker out and see where his attitude gets him

He's already been kicked out...

I've just randomly stumbled upon your post and I must say that I can't understand how some people can be such assholes. I feel sorry for you man; I hope everything turns alright in the long run.

I don't get it either...

Randomly stumbling apon your post, reading it whole, thinking in the end: I would do anything for a full time job. Oh well, people, starting at some point in life, won't change. My mom always reminds me, never to have any debts, and if you do - pay it all as soon as possible, so your mind will be at ease.

Words of wisdom...

If you should ever have an exposed nerve in one of your teeth, put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a Q-Tip, and apply directly to the spot. It kills the bacteria that aggravates the tooth beaver. Rubbing alcohol in very small amounts like that won't make you blind or kill you (or both). Also table sugar likes to eat tooth enamel, but honey won't (for some reason, might just be me).
They say life is a wilderness without friends, and that guy's about to be eaten by a bear, I think.

Thanks, I'll try that, also I like that saying...

If he doesn't want to learn it now he will learn it the hard way eventually. That's how things work.
Sadly, most people only notice how great something/their previous life was after losing it.

Live and learn...

\/ Stole it from Ben Franklin. "Lies have to be covered up, while the truth can run around naked."
The man in black did a song about the ones he liked <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNSGOwiqNAw">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNSGOwiqNAw</a> though I'm not crazy about the original reverb.
Really enjoying your written and visual artistry!

Thanks, I gotta check out that video tonight with a little of old J.W.