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hmm very intresting my friend though it wont help me much but it may help other though if you ask me love is a fast dieing concept in this day and age and the women in it only want money and useless items but this is my opion.

Love is indeed dying the divorce rate is through the roof, which is why I say your true love will be the gal who's willing to sign a prenuptial agreement.

- Celx

"There is something unethical about these cash strapped universities/colleges taking in people with no talent for their art programs when most of these kids aren't up to snuff,"

Unethical isn't the best word choice...

1. Yes, normally people who go to school will not have occupational-level "talent" and hence why they go to school to acquire the necessary skills.

2. Of course you cannot really teach creativity. A college education also doesn't guarantee a career in that respective field- not just fine arts degrees, but practically any field that isn't engineering or medical related. If you go to school to study music composition for example, a degree/certificate in such is particularly worthless as your resume and work "will speak for itself" once presented to future employers. Otherwise, those who can't, teach. There will always be artistic jobs available in education fields.

3. God forbid a student goes to school to *learn* (albeit a very expensive way). Like I said above, unless you are going to be an engineer/medical professional/teacher then it is quite likely your degree path will not be relevant to the actual career you have in life.

I know, I'm kinda going of tangent given the subject at hand (positioning yourself to get laid) but I thought I'd throw that out there.

otherwise, well written article, i enjoyed reading it. I'll have to keep that all in mind, especially your biological dads advice. and i jerk off to dragon ball z porn, not sailor moon, thank you very much...


1). Fair enough, except a university/college is supposed to have some standards, and from my perspective that's not happening.

2). True enough, although sad considering the crappiest at art who couldn't get a job in their preffered field will end up teaching a new generation.

3). I have nothing against people going to school to learn, that's all fine and dandy, I have a problem when these same people end up leeching of welfare, because they chose to get into a worthless field.

Anyway thanks a bunch for your thoughts!
- Celx

so this like a joke thing or what?

You'll never get laid with that attitude!

It's a bit cynical and self fulfilling.


There are two types of people in each gender, alphas and betas. This has been, and always will be true. I agree with nearly everything in this post. What I liked most about it is how you actually ignored physical attractiveness being a key to obtaining a woman. This is true. Money, personality, and influence are the holy trinity, and though they can be balanced in any way necessary, the least important thing to a woman is your physical attractiveness. Look at the guy who plays Edward in Twilight, his face is RIDICULOUSLY asymmetrical and yet there are droves of girls who would play a concerto on his skin flute. Why? Because of his influence mostly. The hint of money is there, of course, but it is very much his influence that drives women wild. He is, after all, a movie star *swoon*.